RE-RIDE Quarter   Horse Adoption Program, Inc.


How to adopt:
Adoption Application is available by emailing : 
Potential adopters riding skill level is matched with horse's disposition and skill level to assure proper placement in qualified loving homes.

Homes for horses are carefully screened to assure that they are safe, and that the horse(s) will be properly taken care of. A list of references is required, along with the names and phone numbers of your vet and farrier that service the facility that the adoption horse will be boarded at.

Adopters are required to give quarterly updates on the horses status.

Boarding facilities are notified that the horse is in our program. Should the adopter default on the boarding contract, the horse will be returned to the program at the adopter's expense. A RE-RIDE Facility Boarding Agreement is required.

Adopter's must keep the horse for a two year period following the date of initial adoption. If they are unable to do so the horse is then returned to the program at the adopter's expense.

All RE-RIDE horses are enrolled in the Full Circle Program through AQHA.

A $10.00 processing fee is required for all adoption applications

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