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Kerri Burke, Founder & Director 

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Ernest Hatfield, Trainer

Woodland Run Equine Veterinary Facility 

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A special thank you to the following  for lending your amazing talents to help improve the lives of the horses in the RE-RIDE Program! 

About us....

The RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program was founded in 2010 by Kerri Burke . This program was put in place to offer a safe have for the American Quarter Horse. Our mission is to provide bright new futures for unwanted or displace Registered Quarter Horses. Since the programs inception we have successfully placed close to 100  horses. Our program is funded strictly by the  donations and grants that we receive. The proceeds from donations go towards the rehabilitation and retraining of the horses in the program, which is essential for placement in forever homes. Our program abides by the rules set forth by the American Association of Equine Practitioners guidelines for Equine Rescues.  It is through the generosity and kindness of great people that this program continues to  succeed. Each year we have the opportunity to place more horses than the previous year and have won the respect of such great organizations as The American Quarter Horse Association and The Ohio Quarter Horse Association. A special thank you to all who have donated to make a difference in the lives of the horse that America made! 

Dr. Jim Chase 

Dr. John Graver & Family 


The Unwanted Horse Coalition 


Kimzey Splints

Provided by KIMZEY for fracture stabilization and immobilizing  limbs in the event of a bone fracture or serious injury

Dr. Scott Myers, DVM and family 

The Ohio Quarter Horse Association

The Gorski Family Foundation and Elizabeth Gorski , for all that you do for us!

Lori Gordon, Certified Equine Appraisals 


Post Quarter Horses


Judy Peters , Certified Horse Appraisals 


Mahue Custome Bits & Spurs

Cleburne Saddles

The Ohio Coalition for Animals

Maria's Water Colors

​The Ohio Youth Quarter Horse Association