The Adoption Option Benefits: 
The option of adoption offers many avenues for successful second careers and allows owners a  place to go with a horse that may not be suitable for sale due to injury or lameness, or age. This option can alleviate some of the potential  financial or emotional burden that is placed on the owner or breeder. The adoption method as a  second-career choices hinges on the  key element that the  horse is sound enough to purse a second career. Retiring a sound horse or one that can be rehabilitated  will greatly  improve the odds that the horse will have a bright future, and secure a forever home.​

To ensure the future of our donated horses,all adoption horses are enrolled in the

Full Circle program offered through AQHA. 

Donating A Horse

Donating horses to the program is relatively simple. We accept horses that are physically capable of continuing onto a second career and can do so in a relatively pain free manner. For horse's deemed un-adoptable , RE-RIDE will happily aid in finding a more appropriate option for your horse.  Horses being donated with an estimated value of $5000 or more will need an equine appraisal from a certified equine appraiser and these horses are kept for a three year period by the RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program. For horses that have sustained an injury the program asks that you provide a detailed veterinary report, x-rays, and ultrasounds, as well as a donation to aid in the rehabilitation of the horse prior to retraining and or adoption  . We also ask for any photos,videos and performance / show records to aid in securing  the best suitable forever home. Please contact the office to discuss the horse and obtain a donor form. Typically once the paperwork is received, horses are able to be admitted into the program within one to two weeks. 


We participate in the Full Circle Program offered through AQHA

 Consider Donating Horses To The Program....

Horses are donated to our program for a variety of reasons. Some are no longer capable of competing at the level that they were originally intended for, others have sustained an injury or illness and are in need of rehabilitation, sometimes it is in the owners financial interest to donated for the potential tax deduction or credit depending on their individual circumstance, while others are truly a rescue situation.