Applications for adoption are available by contacting Potential adopters riding skill level is matched with the horses disposition and skill level to assure proper placement in qualified loving homes.  Homes for horses are carefully screened to assure that they are safe and that the horse(s) will be properly taken care of . A list of references is required along with the  names of the attending veterinarian and farrier that services the facility that the adoption horse will be boarded at. A RE-RIDE Facility Boarding Agreement is required for all boarding facilities notifying them that the horse is in our program and should the adopter default on the boarding contract, the horse will be returned to the program at the adopters expense.  Available horses are listed on our website as well as our face book page . Interested parties should contact the office for an adoption agreement. Adopters are required to keep the adoption horses for a three year period from the initial date of adoption , and quarterly updates are mandatory. RE-RIDE adoption horses can be returned to the program at any time at the adopters expense.   

We strive to match adopter and horse personality to ensure that every home is a perfect match!

Adoption Information