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Good Hot Gossip!!!
Congratulations to Mindy Barr on the adoption of Good Hot Gossip. Mindy and CT Will be representing the Southern Ohio Quarter Horse in the Queens contest at the 2017 All American Quarter Horse Congress! RE-RIDE is honored to have one of our adoption horses represented at such an extravagant event!

A special thank you to the Ohio Quarter Horse Association and BarbWire Productions , Barbara Atkins, for the awesome video on the RE-RIDE Program. ! Follow this link on facebook to view our video!

Home for the Holidays

Harry Hilfiger is an extraordinary horse. Not just through the performance records and achievements that he has won, but in his determination to be a trouper through everything that has happened to him along the way and his exceptional personality that shines as bright as the Christmas Star. 
Harry first entered our program in February 2015, when he has donated by his owner due to a suspensory injury and a severely bruised hock. We had him evaluated by Dr. John Reichert of Woodland Run Equine and started him in the rehabilitation portion of our program. Thorough corrective shoeing, chiropractic intervention with Gregg Newman, and daily controlled exercise, Harry’s recovery was making great progress. 
 In April a friend of Amy Showalter, of Bronson, Michigan had told her about a special horse that was in the RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program. Amy’s friend thought that he would be the perfect horse for her daughter Karly. Amy and her daughter agreed and were willing to do the rehabilitation steps necessary to keep Harry sound and heading in the right direction, so Harry headed home to Michigan to begin a new life there. That summer Harry and Karly made the ultimate team, winning many Championships and Reserves at open shows, 4-H and the Michigan State Fair. Unfortunately, that fall Harry re-injured his hock and in spite of all efforts, Harry would not remain sound.
This past summer, I received a phone call from Theodore Joerg, inquiring about Harry. Ted told me that he had tracked Harry down through AQHA to the RE-RIDE program. He was hoping that it would be possible to adopt Harry as a wedding present for his fiance, Nicole Kramer. Ted explained that Nicole’s family had owned Harry as a two year old and Nicole won the Tom Powers on him in Hunter under Saddle and was Reserve Champion in the Western Pleasure. Nicole loved Harry and was deeply upset when her family sold him. Ted explained to me that every day since he had known Nicole not a day had gone by that she didn’t mention Harry and how much she loved him and wanted him back. He had ask if there was any possible way that could happen. I had explained to him that Harry had been adopted to the Showalters, however if he were ever to be returned to the program that I would give him a call. As luck or fate would happen, Harry returned to our program in November. After almost two months of rehabilitation we are proud to say that Harry is once again reunited with Nicole, and just in time for Christmas!

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