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Rehabilitating Their Lives to Give You the Opportunity for the Ride of Yours

As a partner in The Right Horse Initiative, we’re proud to support a national movement reframing the conversation about equine adoption. The Right Horse Initiative is a collective of industry professionals and equine welfare advocates working together to improve the lives of horses in transition through a dialogue of kindness and respect. Re-Ride Quarter Horse Adoption is working with The Right Horse Initiative to promote the bond between horses and humans. We are good people for good horses, and everyone who loves horses has ownership in this movement. To learn more about The Right Horse Initiative, visit

Kerri Burke

In 2010 I founded the Re-Ride Quarter Horse Adoption program in order to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home well-bred horses, in order to restore them to their former glory, or to provide them with an opportunity to show their untapped potential.

At Re-Ride, we believe that every horse should be given a chance to become a star. We have many in our program, whose training has been interrupted, or incomplete. Some of the horses in our program have come to us abused, neglected, or unwanted. Others are proven performers, who have been donated to the program for a variety of reasons, from responsible owners. In some cases, our adoptees might require some veterinary care, re-training, or just a fresh start with a new purpose.

The mission of Re-Ride is to bring awareness to the ever growing reality that many of AQHA’s best bred and most decorated horses are in serious danger of finding themselves in a situation where they could be facing slaughter. Our goal is to give individuals an opportunity to adopt a horse that can help them begin and build a show career,or allow someone to simply bring back that horse’s dignity it so desperately deserves. We appreciate all of our sponsors, and volunteers, and our adoptive owners. We encourage everyone to come to the aid of these animals that deserve respect for being an American Quarter Horse.

NEW - Memories with Mo

Memories with Mo was created in honor of a friend and his wife that endured the worst scenario an officer and dispatcher can face.  He was shot in the line of duty while his wife was the dispatcher on call.

Mo has been able to help their family heal after the countless surgeries and PTSD created by simply doing their jobs.  Mo has put smiles back on their faces and has given them an outlet that’s a safe place to come any time they need to.

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