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Become a Part of #TeamRe-Ride.  These horses need our help!

Re-Ride is a non-profit organization that has very limited resources. We are grateful for any donations! Of course, cash donations are gladly accepted, but we will accept anything you’re willing to donate!  Don’t forget, it’s tax deductible! If you are a youth group, or a horse related group looking for a community service project, we have fundraising ideas for you to become a part of #TeamRe-Ride! In the future, we at Re-Ride are also going to offer a rewards program for each level of sponsorship. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to donate to a great cause, and help us restore the respect and dignity these great horses have worked so hard to earn!  They all deserve the chance to be well loved, and become shining stars once more!

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The success of our program is due, in part, to people just like you!  Because of our program being a non- profit, our resources are very limited. So, we’re counting on your concern and kindness to keep things going. Monetary donations go a long way to pay for feed, housing, farrier services, subsequent re-training, and veterinary care. But, there are many more ways that you can help! If you are a professional, willing to donate your services, or an individual or group that would consider volunteering your time, we would be excited to speak with you! If you are a youth Horse group looking for a community service project, these horses would more than appreciate a little TLC. An offer to organize a fund raiser on the behalf of Re-Ride, would be terrific, and we will be happy to accept your help. If you don’t have the free time, we’ll accept anything equine!!  Keep in mind, you will receive a receipt for your donation in order for you to take the advantage of your generosity on your taxes.

Donations Gratefully Accepted


* Blankets and Sheets (sizes 76-82)

* Flat Sided Buckets

* Double- Ended Snaps

* Round Pen Panels

* Farm Gates (16 foot and larger)

* Cordless Clippers

* Work/ Training Saddles

*Western Saddle Pads

* Halters

* Bits and Bridles

* Girths

* Wormer (Ivermectin, Strongid, Panacure, and Quest Plus)

* Strategy/ Tribute Horse Feed

* Gut Health Products

* Hay

* Pelleted Shavings

* Gift Cards (Rural King, Tractor Supply, Rod’s, Schneiders)

* Grooming Supplies

* Fly Spray

* Leg Wraps and Quilts

* Lead Ropes

* Lunge Lines and Lunge Line Whips

* Muck Rakes