Donating a Horse

The Re-Ride Quarter Horse Adoption Program offers Quarter Horses, and those horses in the Paint Horse Registry a second chance for a bright future. Adopting owners can rest assured that their horses will only be adopted to a new home, after being carefully screened to ensure the best chance of finding them that perfect forever owner. For owners considering our program, it can provide a safe place for a horse who is not suitable for sale due to injury, complications with lameness, or even age. Through Re-Ride, donation of a horse can possibly alleviate some of the financial burden that might occur over time. These sometimes, overwhelming expenses can affect the owners, trainers, and breeders who are just trying to continue to do what’s best for the horse. A benefit of donating a horse to Re-Ride is that the donation may be eligible for a tax deduction for your generous act. Horses that are donated with an estimated value upwards of $5000, require an appraisal from a certified Equine appraiser. A list of these accredited professionals can be provided, if you aren’t familiar with one. The Re-Ride Program retains ownership of the horse for a three year period, in order to monitor the adoptive owner, prior to permanently transferring the horse.

Adopting a horse

Re-Ride takes great care in evaluating each prospective adopter,their riding skills,and their personal goals. We do this in order to ensure that the adoption compliments, both the horse and rider, to ensure that the adoption results in a forever home.

Re-Ride requires a list of references from every adoptor. In addition, we will need all contact information from the attending farrier, veterinarian, and information about the facility where the adopted horse will be residing.

All facility agreements and quarterly updates are mandatory.

Please contact Re-Ride if you are interested in adopting one of the horses in our program.

In addition to creating an opportunity for a horse to find a loving home, you may be unknowingly beginning a show career of the next generation of horsemen. The financial investment of purchasing a horse that can be competitive in todays AQHA/APHA approved shows, can be daunting. Through the Re-Ride Program, horses that were once of that caliber, can be rehabilitated, continue with their training and be a superstar. Your thoughtful donation could be the start of a show career for someone who, otherwise, could not afford to even dream about the possibility. This not only benefits these talented animals, and their prospective new owners, but the industry. Re-Ride has become, a way to give back to the world’s most versatile breeds. We challenge you to join us in proving to society, that these horses are not disposible. There is absolutely no substitution for experience, and a little love.