The Riding Thru It Program

The effects of cancer and cancer treatment, not only assault the body, but also lay siege to the mind and soul. Having a positive attitude and relying on one’s own spiritual and emotional strengths, all the while keeping galvanized in a positive front, are just the beginning to becoming a survivor. It is important to have loved ones to help provide support, in order to keep negativity at bay.​

The Riding Through It Program, specifically addresses the challenges facing cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Horses have been an effective platform in order to create dramatic breakthroughs in awareness, in addition to facilitate life affirming lead changes. Riding Through It, is designed to help patients improve not only their health, but their overall quality of life in a soothing, non-threatening, non-clinical environment. There is something indelible about a horse that allows us to let down our guard down and explore our vulnerabilities. Horses lend themselves to us as a mirror for our emotions and insecurities.That in turn, allows us to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Having undergone treatment for breast cancer, beginning in 2013, I have experienced firsthand the benefits of interacting with horses. Their empathy, and their ability to reduce stress and anxiety aids in recovery time. As the founder of the Re-Ride Quarter Horse Adoption Program, the formation of the Riding Through It program is my way of sharing the unique experience and benefits of horses as healers with other cancer survivors. By healing through horses, I found that the grooming, riding, and care not only strenghthend my body, but my spirit as well.

The goal of the program is to bring cancer patients together, in a non-clinical environment, with horses to enable a special life affirming experience. By making this effort possible through caring for horses in the Re-Ride Adoption, the therapeutic benefits are twofold. The horses thrive through the care, and attention they are given, reaffirming to the patient how much of a difference love can bring to any life.