Memories with Mo

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The Memories with Mo Program

My Mojos Hot (Mo) was adopted by Lisa Flowers and her family in 2018.  Mo is a very accomplished Show horse who recently retired from competition and enjoys his role as a therapy horse.

Mo has a heart for healing.  He knows what someone needs and has the innate ability to connect with them by his sheer presence.  His personality is as big as he is and he loves people!  The more people around him, the more he shines.  His favorite thing to do is give people kisses.

Lisa is very passionate about Law Enforcement.  Her oldest daughter Meghan and son-in-law Alex are are both deputies here in Ohio.  Lisa’s daughter’s share her passion for horses and both understand how their giant horse is able to help others.

Memories with Mo was created in honor of a friend and his wife that endured the worst scenario an officer and dispatcher can face.  He was shot in the line of duty while his wife was the dispatcher on call.

Mo has been able to help their family heal after the countless surgeries and PTSD created by simply doing their jobs.  Mo has put smiles back on their faces and has given them an outlet that’s a safe place to come any time they need to.

Mo can travel to a location where he’s available for first responders and their families to come and hang out, learn about horses, brush him and sometimes even ride the big guy.  We also allow people to come to the farm and spend time with him there.  It’s a safe place where no attendance is taken.  No reporting to supervisors and nothing is on any record.

The entire goal of the program is to allow those that see and hear the unthinkable to have a safe outlet to spend time with a 1600 pound therapy animal.  It’s impossible to be sad around Mo. Smiles are instantaneous and you infectious.

Lisa is able to come and meet with Human Resources to explain the program and how it could help Law Enforcement Officers and Dispatchers and their families.

There is no charge for this program.  Donations are always welcome and 100% tax deductible.

Lisa can be reached at 614-886-8804 or